Older Projects

Projects listed below have been phased out or are not currently active. Descriptions, links and images are from the projects during their active period and are not indicative of how the spaces or websites exist today.


TourGuide is a mobile-based learning environment created as a web application using HTML5 and CSS3. TourGuide easily allows teachers/faculty/students to create tours, enhanced with multimedia, on the desktop or in the field. Tours created in TourGuide can be used outside (GPS-based location awareness) or inside a building such as a museum. While the HTML/CSS core of the application allows cross platform use, we have primarily designed the service to use iOS.  Access the TourGuide website.

Creativity Exploratory

I was one of the core collaborators in the Creativity Exploratory. An innovative, practice-based addition to the College of Arts and Letters curriculum, the Creativity Exploratory offered a unique learning environment designed specifically for College of Arts and Letters students. The Creativity Exploratory provided the opportunity to reach beyond the core skills our students learn – writing, research, visual and textual literacy, information organization – by bringing these various skill sets together in a laboratory setting that focuses work on real-world projects and offering unique solutions to real problems.

In hands-on learning experiences, students and faculty collaborated on projects that integrate problem solving, creative and technology skills from across the disciplines. By crossing conventional disciplinary boundaries our students inspire one another to innovate, create and implement tomorrow’s next “big idea.”

The Creativity Exploratory was decommissioned in 2016.