Resources for K12 Teachers Moving Online

Earlier this summer my colleague Jeremy Van Hof and I began to work with administrators and teachers in Okemos Public Schools to plan for and develop training materials for supporting K12 teachers moving courses online during the COVID-19 pandemic. The result was a set of materials and accompanying workshops we titled the Foundations of Successful Online Teaching and Learning series. These materials build off of training programs we use at MSU and have been adjusted for K12 focus.

As school districts across the state began to also move toward online learning we worked with our colleagues at MSU and Okemos to further develop and openly release our materials to other districts across the state. The materials are available in self-study format for teachers who are not in districts with broader access, a Google Classroom site that can be installed at a school or district level that provides materials and opportunities for teachers to discuss with one another, and we have also developed an optional series of live webinars that can accompany the resources if desired.

More information about the Foundations of Successful Online Teaching and Learning series can be found at and the MSU press release is available on MSU Today.

Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels