Constellation of Activities

A Constellation of Activities is an engaged digital presence. This activity allows the participant to identify those areas they are either currently or wish to be engaged with and map them to the main hub of their digital presence activity. It serves to create a better understanding of the broader ecosystem of one’s digital presence, to help identify areas that are more or less heavily used, the connection points (both digitally and thematically), and how those connections are made.

Materials Needed

  • Paper/Markers
  • Access to computer/tablet
  • Visitor and Resident Map

How we do it

After having done the Visitor and Resident Mapping activity earlier in a workshop, we ask participants to reference their map and identify at least 3-5 of their active areas (or those areas they wish to become more active in) to map onto their Constellation of Activities.

Participants first choose a center point to orient their constellation around. This is most often their website but could be social media or other platforms depending on the person. Constellations are built out from this center point by drawing connections which represent integrations, information sharing, or other connectedness of idea or information. As lines are drawn from one node on the constellation to another they are labeled with the type of connection, ultimately forming a visual representation and map of the person’s engaged digital presence.

Sample map below:

sample constellation of activity map

This post is also available as part of the handout from the #DeL2018 presentation I did with Kristen Mapes